Chico-Con Year Three has come and gone, but we will be back!

Chico-Con Year Three has come and gone, and what a great year it was!  We had doubled the exhibitors, and almost 6000 attendees! What a big year for our show!

First off I would love to thank my support staff. Donovan Frary, I could not have done the show this year without you brother. When all the medical issues hit with Susan Schulz, you were not only there as a friend, you grabbed the reins at Kettil’s Keep, and jumped in the deep end of Chico-Con without looking. I could not have done this without you.

I also would not be able to have done this without Kit Moonwood, who continues to run our cosplay/masquerade, but took on a TON of extra chores when Susan got sick to make sure the show not only happened, but was a success.

My parents, Vicki and Scott Will, who do a lot of the running around for the show, as well as run the ticket booth and food. Thank you!

I would like to thank my security staff, led by Mario Magana, who not only kept everyone safe, but pulled some extra time. Donovan Jackson, Mike Gates, Chris Lopez, Bryan Jordan, & William Cox. Thank you all!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to our special guests Chris Marrinan, Joe Weems, Ramon Villalobos, Robert Love, and Ethen Beavers. You guys rock, it was great having you at the show and hanging out with you again. I appreciate you all!

I need to also take a moment and thank my crew at CK Comics, holding down the booth, making sure everyone got their t-shirts, and running the benefit raffle for Susan. Joe Burttram, Josh Check (Donovan again), Nicholas Garza, and Scott Weldon, and Chuck Bowman, thank you all!

A shout out to all my brothers and sisters at Scattered Comics, and Alpha Q (Villain), three years we’e been in the trenches of Chico-Con, and we’ll be back again. Much love to you all.

Thank you Darealwordsound and his crew for rocking the joint again.

Thank you all, and thank you to everyone that ran a booth, to every creator that was there in the artist alley and small press.

And most of all thank you to the people that came to Chico-Con as atendees. You are why all of us above do this, and I know everyone above thanks you as well.

See you all at Chico-Con Year Four, August 26th 2017!

Shane Will


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