Chico-Con 2017 Cosplay and Masquerade

Here are all the PDF forms for entering, and the rules for the day.  Please read everything carefully and get any entry forms back to the email listed.  Feel free to ask any questions, send them to


All contestants must be registered Chico-Con attendees to participate in the cosplay masquerade.

  1. This is a family friendly convention! This means that all costumes must be secure with no chance of “slippage”
  2. Store/online bought costumes are not eligible for the craftsmanship award. Clothing bought and altered over 75% will be considered on a base by base case.
  3. Anyone who wishes to participate who is under the age of 14 must have a Legal parent or guardian sign them up and sign a release waiver.
  4. Youths under the age of 10 must go on stage with their parent or have their parent waiting right off the stage. Parents must stay with their children while they are in line to get prejudged and to go on stage.
  5. Youth costumes made my parents are eligible for craftsmanship as long at their parents are present at the time of judging.
  6. To be eligible for the craftsmanship award 85% of the costume must be made. (Alterations will be judged at the time of prejudging.)
  7. For group cosplays to be eligible for craftsmanship, everyone in the group must meet the qualifications of craftsmanship.
  8. If you are being judged for craftsmanship you must have documentation of the progress, in the form of pictures.(they can be emailed with preregistration or shown at prejudging)
  9. Skits cannot surpass 2:30, any time past that will result in the audio being cut off.
  10. All props, scenery, costumes must be taken on and off stage by the contestants. Do not leave a mess or you will have points docked from your total score.
  11. Skits MUST have an audio track. Microphones will not be provided unless otherwise asked for before the start of the contest.
  12. Audio must be WAV or mp3 and must be submitted BEFORE or DURING prejudging.
  13. If you want to walk on stage but don’t want to compete you can fill out a form during the convention and walk on and show off your costume while the judges are deliberating.
  14. Anyone is eligible to enter to walk on stage while the judges deliberate.
  15. If you do not show up to prejudging you will be called twice. If you still do not show up you will not be allowed to go on stage and compete.
  16. When you get to the convention please come and check in and you will be given a number. That number is the number which you will go on stage and go in to the prejudging room.
  17. Judges reserve the right to change the category you are placed in.

Awards for Chico-con

  • Best in Show
  • Craftsmanship – Beginner
  • Craftsmanship – Intermediate
  • Craftsmanship – Advanced
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Original Design
  • Best Youth Costume
  • Judges Awards


PDF Forms, and rules:

Chico con masq rules

Chico-con Parent or Guardian Consent

Chico-con Release waiver

Craftsmanship Judging skit rules

Masq Prereg form

Weapons guidelines peace bonding



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